Mekorama an Enjoyable and Engaging Puzzle Game

Who does not enjoy an engaging and enjoyable puzzle game? We all do and this is what the Mekorama game released for Android does. The renowned creator is Martin Magni who released this Diorama puzzle game for iOS and Android.

Moreover, the best of all it is FREE to play. However, do not starts celebrating yet as you can name the price that you would like to pay for the game. Therefore, you are receiving the best of both worlds. Martin Magi is the creator of this enjoyable game and wrote the coding himself and did the design, sound, and music.

Furthermore, it is a thematically puzzle with wonderful architectural exploration – and the goal? Your goal is to get your little “Robot B” to the little red dot marking the exit of the puzzle. You have 50 levels to play throughout the game and as a bonus; there are collectible level cards found online and available to users.

All you need to do is to scan the QR Code attached to the card. You will have levels where you descend underwater attempting to locate a goal obfuscated by liquid. There are challenges where you may need to take a leap of faith and drop to lower platforms.

It is a tactile game as you can rotate the model to explore levels and you can zoom in closely and amazing. Create your own levels with the available level editor included as this helps to extend the games life further.

Some of the puzzles are a bit tough but not impossible to solve. One can play this game from young to old and is challenging for the younger generation. It helps with their critical thinking and solving problems. Playing the game is straightforward as you use the screen by tapping it making your robot move. You will enjoy seeing your robot swaying his arms. He waves when he moves and presents a great touch to the game.

Another great feature is that you can create your own levels, QR code, and scan in creations. Design your own stages as these little touches make a big difference.


Download Mekorama

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How to Play Mekorama

Once you start playing Mekorama, it becomes addictive and easy to learn. There are instructions available in the beginning of the game and then you are on your own. The controls are simple to use and the further you go in the game the levels become harder.

The fun part is rotating the components of the puzzle figuring out what each one does, and how to help “B” arrive at his destination. You can tap on the map and make your robot walk there. “B” can walk up stairs, walk under the water, but he cannot jump.

You can tap or slide your finger around to modify the direction of the map and useful when looking for an escape route. You can move parts around and will see small cubes with circles on the sides indicating that they can move.

You need to rotate the puzzle, as there are hidden areas. Here the zoom in feature is great to figure out how to get “B” where you want him to go.

The design of the menu is simple and works as a book that you flip through. Even the puzzle cards are lined neatly in two vertical rows. Once completing one card, more cards appear. The more you play the game the more challenging it becomes.

However, there is no cloud save or achievements as it is not integrated with Google Game Play Services. The spaces are broken up in a grid fashion and you can easily figure out where the robot needs to go by tapping an individual square. However, remember you cannot just tap and think you are going to win – you need to flip the camera angle around. Look at all possible angles to make a way for your robot to reach the end.

You will find other objects entering and it becomes more than just pointing and clicking away! If your robot falls off the map, you will need to tap pause and restart the level again.



Mekorama Installation Details for iOS and Android

Mekorama is available for installation at the Google Play Store and on the iTunes App Store for both iOS and Android devices. While there are also guides available for uploading this cute robot to your PC. Moreover, having a FullHD or QuadHD provides you with an enjoyable experience while playing the game.

The app is 5.2 MB when downloaded from Google Play and 7.3MB when downloading from iTunes. It does not take up loads of space on your mobile device. And if you have an iOS device it needs to be an iOS6 or newer device. While playing on an Android you need to have 2.3.3 or higher.



Mekorama Level Video Walkthroughs / Solutions

We have the complete Walkthrough available on the levels and puzzles available if you are stuck ranging from level 1 right through to level 50.

Mekorama Level 1 : Crash Course                                                                        Mekorama Level 26 : Blocked

Mekorama Level 2 : Run of the Mill                                                                     Mekorama Level 27 : A maze in 3D

Mekorama Level 3 : Chunk Error                                                                          Mekorama Level 28 : Slam Dunk

Mekorama Level 4 : Two Towers                                                                          Mekorama Level 29 : Open Sesame

Mekorama Level 5 : Level Up                                                                                 Mekorama Level 30 : Jungle Gym

Mekorama Level 6 : Spin Out                                                                                 Mekorama Level 31 : Hitch a Hike

Mekorama Level 7 : Pagoda Push                                                                        Mekorama Level 32 : The Cube

Mekorama Level 8 : Double Maze                                                                       Mekorama Level 33 : Game Jam

Mekorama Level 9 : Temple of Athena                                                              Mekorama Level 34 : Fort Escort

Mekorama Level 10 : Deep Dive                                                                          Mekorama Level 35 : Head Trip

Mekorama Level 11 : Lean Pivot                                                                          Mekorama Level 36 : Bot Pot

Mekorama Level 12 : Castle Red                                                                          Mekorama Level 37 : Portal

Mekorama Level 13 : Think Through                                                                 Mekorama Level 38 : Modern Art

Mekorama Level 14 : Back Track                                                                         Mekorama Level 39 : Shock Shuffle

Mekorama Level 15 : Home Security                                                                 Mekorama Level 40 : Team Work

Mekorama Level 16 : Hamster Wheel                                                               Mekorama Level 41 : Peach Trees

Mekorama Level 17 : Bot Bypass                                                                         Mekorama Level 42 :  Mini Golf

Mekorama Level 18 : Crank it Up                                                                        Mekorama Level 43 : Ant Farm

Mekorama Level 19 : Robo Rally                                                                         Mekorama Level 44 : Crush On You

Mekorama Level 20 : No Rush                                                                              Mekorama Level 45 :  Ground Floor

Mekorama Level 21 : Venice Volts                                                                     Mekorama Level 46 : Sarlacc Pit

Mekorama Level 22 : Head Above Water                                                      Mekorama Level 47 : Timing Trouble

Mekorama Level 23 : Balance Ball                                                                     Mekorama Level 48 : Need a nudge

Mekorama Level 24 : Up mill Battle                                                                  Mekorama Level 49 : Worst Traffic

Mekorama Level 25 : 5x5x5x                                                                               Mekorama Level 50 : Maker Space



Mekorama Level QR Codes

Mekorama comes with a built-in editor to create new levels to share online for all to download and enjoy playing. The editor presents you with different building blocks such as robots, motors, grass, stone and more.

You simply tap on the object and place it and it creates automatically by saving it as a level card with QR code. You can print the levels on paper. In addition, there are many different QR codes available for you to scan.

Scanning QR codes are simple and with your latest mobile devices, it’s made simpler as they have a built-in QR code scanner feature. And for those that do not have one you can download one from the different available app stores.

Open the app on your phone and keep that hand steady. Enter the QR code to your screen and you are done. Here you can find different QR codes with us for the Mekorama game.


Check Out the new levels / User Levels of Mekorama

Mekorama Cheats, Tricks, Hint, and Tips

Welcome to our Mekorama Cheats, Tricks, Hint and tips making your gaming experience an enjoyable one:

  • First, free your camera – this you can find on the 5th screen of the menu detailed “free camera”. If turned off you will only be able to rotate the diorama 90° making it difficult to important sections of the puzzle,
  • When heading to small cubes containing gaps around them tread carefully as you can fall off and will need to restart your level,
  • You can balance on components when they rotate at different angles as long as you move slowly – only use when needed and turning to a stable platform,
  • While progressing you can tap an accessible block anywhere along your path as long as there is no obstruction in the way,
  • Tap around the blocks to see what is open and “B” will move where there is an opening,
  • Before commencing through harder maze levels, make sure to reverse engineer the maze and tracing your path backwards from your goal as far as you can – it makes your path less difficult as it creates a conceptual goal closer to the starting point,
  • Remember the levels do not save so make sure you start at the next level to progress,

Tips for native levels:

  • The name of a level is sometimes a clue,
  • The red bots turn 90° at all times to the right,
  • Always stay one square away from zappers,

Tips to build your own levels

  • Build your mechanic as simple as possible as a test – if it works, do the final styling to make it look great,
  • Make sure that the tapping area is easily accessible,
  • The exit button always triggers for any object and not just for the robot,
  • Less in the design is better – but your preference